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Sample Project - Going Green in Your Own Home

Green Leader: Natalie Phillips

School: Sample Home Profile

Project Objective: Save Energy, Water, and Natural Resources

Project Activities or Steps: 1. Save Energy and Water Use energy saving appliances Fill your dishwasher as fully as possible to save money and energy Use fluorescent or LED bulbs, which last longer and use 25% less electricity Unplug or shut down and appliance you are not using Try to use natural lighting as much as possible to save power Planting trees can lower your cooling costs Use solar lights in the walkways of your yard Improve the efficiency of your hot water heating by 1. Insulating your hot water heater 2. Reducing your water heater thermostat to 120 degrees 3. Replace your hot water heater with a tank less hot water heater Run your laundry on warm/cold, not hot Use your ceiling fan as much as possible You can save on your heating and cooling costs by setting your thermostat back when you are sleeping or not home Install low flow showerheads, low flow toilets and faucet aerators to save water 2. Save Natural Resources Use non toxic dish soap, detergent, and cleaner Recycle and reuse Buy sustainable furniture Buy an irrigation controller that reads the weather and adjusts water according to the conditions to save water Use non toxic methods to fight pests Use a recycling bin

Project Resources: Create a weekly list of activities your family could do that will help put the at home ideas into effect.

Project Budget: Record what you have saved each month, taking time to go green may have some start up expenses but should produce long term savings.

Time Required: Create a chart of the time you saved each month or week within your own family household or the neighborhood meetings.

How This Affects Your Community: Send emails of different statistics and easy ways to incorporate going green into your household. Contribute a column to the community newsletter or write to your local newspaper and share the news of how your neighborhood is going green.

Getting Others Involved: Hold monthly neighborhood meetings with each family providing input of how they "went green" during the previous month. Provide incentives for your children/husband/wife.

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Sample Home Profile
Sample Project - Going Green in Your Own Home
Objective: Save Energy, Water, and Natural Resources...