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Sample Project - Going Green at Work

Green Leader: Brooke Hadley

School: Sample Office Profile

Project Objective: Demonstrate how simple changes in everyday use of energy and management of waste items around the office can benefit the planet.

Project Activities or Steps: 1. Use less energy by: Shut down computers when you leave for the day. "Standby" settings will still continue to use power even when not in use. By plugging hardware into a power strip with an on/off switch the whole desktop setup can be turned off at once. Printers, scanners, and other peripherals that are only occasionally used can be unplugged until needed. Always turn off lights in spaces that are unoccupied. 2. Digitize by: Keep things digital whenever possible Keep files on the computers instead of file cabinets. Review documents onscreen rather than printing them out. Send emails instead of paper letters. Software called Greenprint prevents useless paper from being printed. Pages with ads, url links, footnotes, etc. 3. Use recycled Products: You can visit any office supply website, type in "recycled" and it provides you with a long list of recycled items. 4. Avoid using throwaway products in the kitchenette: Encourage everyone in your office area to use real dishes and silverware. 5. Green your Commute: Try to cut down wasted gas by carpooling. Walk or ride a bike if possible. Consider the option of buying a hybrid or another kind of electric vehicle. 6. Redesign your Workspace:? Furniture can be manufactured from recycled material. Use compact fluorescent bulbs and high-end LED desk lamps. Use natural daylight as a form of lighting when possible.

Project Resources: Your project might include developing a way to present this information in your workplace, it may include developing a brown bag session and presenting this information to colleagues, perhaps it's a computer screen saver with these tips, or an email 'Green Office Tip of the Week'.

Project Budget: Identify costs associated with creating materials, scheduling the time, creating and publishing a 'Green Office Shopping List' list for your colleagues.

Time Required: Record the time you spend in soliciting help from co-workers, developing list, preparing and making your presentation, set a date for your presentation, create a schedule for distributing your 'Green Office Tip of the Week'.

How This Affects Your Community: Share your thoughts on anything from how the project helped to build camaraderie with your co-workers to cost savings your office realized from the effort.

Getting Others Involved: Enlist a friend from the office to help champion the idea, speak to your supervisor about making this a professional development initiative for you as you demonstrate leadership and organizational skills.

Sample Office Profile
Sample Project - Going Green at Work
Objective: Demonstrate how simple changes in everyday use of energy and management of waste items around the office can benefit the planet....