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Turtle: The Incredible Journey

Guest blogger Emily Myers, Epsilon Delta '99 (Concord University), works for Moroch PR in Charleston, West Virginia, and alerted Pink Goes Green to this important motion picture which follows the life of the loggerhead turtle and informs us about the dangers that all turtles face in today's deteriorating environment.

To find out more about the movie and when it is coming to your area, see the links below. Also, please visit our blog, Save the Turtle, Save Ourselves!, which provides important links and information on how you can help the turtle.

The turtle has been a Delta Zeta symbol for many years, first introduced by President Betty Heusch Agler, Xi, Delta Zeta National President from 1966-1970, at the 1970 National Convention; it was officially adopted as the Sorority's mascot at the 2006 National Convention. We've enjoyed turtles on notepads, t-shirts, key chains and a million other display items. Some individuals have even adopted turtles as pets. But how much time do we spend learning about the mammal that brought us our "you can't get anywhere in life unless you stick your neck out" attitude? 

Seaworld Pictures has chosen the loggerhead turtle as the subject of its new movie, "Turtle: The Incredible Journey," which follows the story of a little loggerhead turtle as she continues in the path of her ancestors on one of the most extraordinary journeys in the natural world. Beginning this week in select cities, filmgoers can witness the story of a turtle who spends 25 years traveling around the world from her birthplace on a Florida beach, eventually returning to that same beach to lay her own eggs.

Her story of survival is not unlike the real turtles populating our oceans. She faces creatures of the deep, fishing boats, being lost from the Gulf Stream and loss of siblings and travel mates. She beats the odds as only one in 10,000 turtles make it to adulthood. Did you know that the survival of loggerhead turtles is threatened each year by issues such as property development, long line fishing, predators and pollution?  Tens of thousands of turtles and other sea mammals are threatened by long fishing lines cast into the seas.  

This little turtle also gets to see a great celebration of life on Earth, as sperm whale and bait balls explode from the water during the travels to the Azores on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. After this, she receives her calling back to her home shores to continue the cycle of life. Turtles have one of the longest migration cycles in the world, as they always return to their home beach to lay eggs. Nearly two billion turtle hatchlings are laid each year in Florida, and each one begins life buried approximately one-and-a-half feet in the sand. They spend an average of three days digging to reach the surface, in the hopes of growing to adulthood.

It's hard to imagine the size of an adult loggerhead turtle, which can grow up to 800 pounds and three-and-a-half feet long. They can be 6,000 times larger than their hatchlings at birth, which are smaller than a child's palm. Even harder to imagine, these giant creatures can swim at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour and make over 500 dives every 12 hours.

These incredible creatures are much more than just a symbol on a piece of Delta Zeta memorabilia. One of the oldest living reptiles, they've been around almost 200 million years. In order to protect them, we must protect our environment through support of programs that promote safe long line fishing and protect turtle nests through responsible property development. A very easy way for each of us to do our part is to keep our trash out of oceans and rivers, keeping all types of sea and water mammals safe from unnecessary harm.

Check out "Turtle: The Incredible Journey" in a theatre near you. It may give you a different perspective on this popular sorority symbol and help you learn more about how to keep our oceans safe for this valuable creature. Learn more about the movie at:




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June 24:
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July 1:
Dallas-Ft. Worth
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July 8:
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