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You love to travel and explore new destinations, foods and cultures, but don’t know how to be green when doing it? Here are a few simple tips for making your travel greener.
1. Be green in a new city.
Use the Green City Guide when planning your vacation in order to make the best choices. Some places are greener than others and this guide is a great place to start planning your vacation.
2. Use public transportation.
It’s cheap, simple and green. You also won’t have to worry about getting lost or fighting the traffic, so why not use it to save the environment and save money?
3. Stay in green hotels when on-the-go.
Some hotels around the world are making an effort to be environmentally responsible. Being green may be the farthest thing from your mind when on vacation, but think before your travel and try Green Hotels Association for approved hotels.
4. Eat with the locals.
Avoid fast food and eat at local restaurants, where you will get a taste of the local flavor. Also, plan ahead and stock up on snacks for the week at the local farmer’s market.
5. Take a road trip.
Pack as many people in that car as possible and hit the open road. Even better, you could rent a hybrid car and save on gas and energy. Driving, rather than flying, helps reduce your personal carbon footprint and makes for a memorable trip.
6. Ditch disposables.
Forget the little bottles stocked in hotels and try reusing your bottles from the last trip. If you want more stylish reusable bottles, they can often be purchased at stores such as Walgreens and Target.
7. Reuse towels.
Many hotels are starting to give the guests the option of reusing their towels, which saves the hotel from wasting water and energy needed to wash all those towels every day. Reusing towels is sanitary as long as you reuse your own.
8. Ditch bottled water.
Bottled water is an unnecessary waste and expensive. Take your own reusable bottle on vacation and fill it up before hitting the beach.
9. Pack light.
Packing light is necessary for being a green traveler. Pack early and learn to roll and bundle pack, which saves space and make for fewer wrinkles.
10. Pick green activities.
Once you have arrived at your destination, it’s easy to be green by picking the right activities. Try hiking, biking, walking or visiting a local park and have a picnic. Wander through local stores and museums. Or windsurf, canoe or kayak. The opportunities are endless.