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The Power of...Vinegar?
That’s right.  Vinegar.  Its pungent odor and acidic properties make for the greenest cleaning substance you can find!  Vinegar is a miracle product that will get rid of any household scum that you can possibly think of, including calcium build up, bacteria, fungus, odors, mineral and lime deposits, etc.  It can kill bacteria, mold, and germs, yet it is environmentally safe.  It is (almost) the only cleaner you will ever need. 

Whether you need help cleaning the bottom of the sink, the inside of your shower, or cloudy dishware, white distilled vinegar will always do the trick.  Simply soak paper towels (preferably unbleached paper towels with high post-consumer recycled content) or cloths/rags in the vinegar and let them sit on the surface for a while before wiping and rinsing with water 

Because vinegar contains no harsh chemicals, you will not be sensitive to anything other than its odor.  If it is too overwhelming, dilute it in some water and the smell will be less irritating.  Also, vinegar leaves no residue on whatever surface you are cleaning.  It dries clear and odorless and will bring new life to what was cleaned. 

It is also a miracle product that can be used against ants.  During the summer, when ants can make themselves known, spray vinegar in places where you have seen them, such as: window sills, countertops, and doorways.  This tip will also work for keeping cats at bay, should you have a curious feline that enjoys wandering over surfaces you want to protect. 

Make the change and substitute your expensive and toxic cleaning products for something that is inexpensive and extremely effective.  Vinegar has countless uses and is very safe to use.  Go green with vinegar!

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One final note: While vinegar is a miracle solution for cleaning, there are some things that you shouldn't use vinegar for.  Read about those here.