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Ideas for Reusing Everyday Items
Instead of throwing away everyday items, wasting money and hurting the environment, consider reusing these items in another way.


• Turn plastic soda bottles into a fun project with your kids by painting one and making it a bank. Or, you can cut some small holes in it and use it as a bird feeder. 
• Beer bottle caps can be glued to magnets to make your own custom art. You can also use caps to make your own checker board.
• CDs you no longer listen to make a one-of-a-kind drink coaster when painted or covered with paper.
• Old T-shirts can be used as rags for cleaning up around the house. You can also sew your favorites together and turn them into a pillow or blanket.
• Empty wine bottles can be used as decorative flower and plant vases.
• Squeeze bottles (such as screw top mustard containers) are great for cake decorating or arts and crafts projects.
• Make potholders out of old jeans and incorporate your own style by adding trim.


• Let leftover coffee grounds cools and use them to fertilize house plants.
• Put used dryer sheets in your drawers to keep clothes smelling fresh.
• Use shoe and delivery boxes as storage containers or file boxes and eliminate wasting money on plastic containers.
• Glass or plastic food jars can be reused as storage for leftovers or other foods. Small glass jars can also be used as votive or candle holders. (Just don’t place plastic containers in the microwave!)
• Egg cartons can also be used to keep jewelry separate and organized. 
• Egg cartons or yogurt containers are often used to start seedlings. Fill the containers with soil and follow the directions on the seed packet, to keep your plant safe.

• Reuse scrap paper by putting it by the phone and recording notes or missed calls.
• Cut off the bottom of old socks and make new leg warmers.
• Old toothbrushes are great for cleaning the bathroom.


• Donate plastic bags to food pantries, libraries, day-care centers or hospitals instead of throwing them away.
• Send your old tennis shoes to Nike and they use the rubber to build new playgrounds.