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Helping to better the planet and live an eco-friendly life may not be on everyone's priority list, especially for college students cramming books of information the night before an exam. We've all been there, with an energy drink in one hand and flash cards in the other. Anyone might say they would love to help our planet and live a green life, yet it's difficult when yellow post-it-note reminders of chapter meetings and work shifts clutter busy college lives. So how can we fulfill our wishes to help the environment while facing the stress of acing an exam, attending meetings, and working overtime to pay rent?

There are multiple ways for college students to live a green life, even in the midst of midterm week! Ever wonder how you can help the environment,  build a great resume, and have the chance to meet a variety of students? Joining  an environmental organization on campus is a great way to help the environment while being involved on campus. You are given opportunities such as beautifying  your college town, picking up litter and recycling trash to make a difference in  your community. Not only does it look great on a resume - it looks great on  Mother Earth!

Living in the dorms on a college campus may seem a bit  overwhelming if you want to live a green life, especially with the bright lights found throughout hallways and in bathrooms. Often, these lights are on day and night. Remember to turn off the lights in the bathroom and in your dorm room before you leave to conserve energy.

Another easy way to help prevent wasteful energy is to unplug your laptop and cellphone charger while they are not in use. According to NaBors Apartments, "Only five percent of the power drawn by a cell phone charger is used to charge the phone. The other 95 percent is wasted when it is left plugged into the wall."  The next time you see that your colorful iPhone is fully charged, remember to unplug your phone and the charger in the wall to conserve energy.

Here are some more tips on how to live a green life as a college student!

1. Visit the Pink Goes Green site for ideas, resources, and to post your own green project to our Project Center so other visitors can see what you are doing.
2. Turn off TV
3. Wash clothes in cold water
4. Recycle
5. Turn off water while brushing teeth
6. Spend less time in the shower
7. Ride a bike to class
8. Upcycle: use creative ways to recycle and recreate innovations
9. Visit the Pink Goes Green blog for more ideas!

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