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Life Among the (Eco-Friendly) Stars

With the Academy Awards coming up, all eyes are on Hollywood! We know that Hollywood sets the trends, and one trend that has always been hip in the film capital is environmentalism and sustainability. Here are what some of Hollywood's major celebrities are doing to help the environment. Is your favorite here? Leonardo DiCaprio This heart-throb celebrity has his share in helping the environment from co-producing a climate change documentary to establishing a foundation to raise awareness of environmental issues! Visit his website to learn more about his efforts to ensure a healthy future for humanity and the planet. Alicia Silverstone She may not be as clueless as we thought! Not only is Silverstone helping the environment with her strict vegan diet, she also refuses to wear fur and leather. This animal-loving actress has rescued numerous dogs and currently lives in a solar-paneled home.
George Clooney Through his involvement in the film "Syriana," Clooney demonstrated his concern of the U.S. oil dependency and helped raise awareness. His concerns for the environment do not stop there; Clooney even drives an electric car!
Cameron Diaz Not only can she act, Diaz is an environmental activist involved in organizations including Environmental Media Association. She is able to help the environment and spread awareness through public service announcements and MTV programs.
Tom Hanks This Oscar-winning actor shows his green side by investing in and driving electric vehicles and working in his production company's solar powered office building.
Hayden Panettiere As an actress and an environment and animal activist, Panettiere has received the Genesis Award by the Humane Society for showing her support against whale hunting. Panettiere also donated clothes to raise money benefiting Save the Whales Again campaign.
Robert Redford A longtime environmental activist, Redford served 30 years on the board of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), described by The New York Times as "One of the nation's most powerful environmental groups." He has campaigned on behalf of local initiatives to address climate change, lobbied Congress in support of environmental legislation, fought for wilderness preservation, and has been promoting solar energy since the 1970s.
Natalie Portman Natalie Portman designs vegan clothes, and has lent her name and voice to the Animal Planet documentary "Saving a Species: Gorillas on the Brink," which highlighted the threats to the animals' rainforest habitat. She is active in groups like Global Green USA, an organization that tackles environmental issues on an international scale.
Brad Pitt Pitt founded the Make It Right Foundation after Hurricane Katrina, which has helped to rebuild the 9th Ward of New Orleans using affordable housing: These houses are designed and built using state-of-the-art sustainable technologies, including more than 150 cradle to cradle materials and techniques that emphasize health, safety and long-term product life cycles.
Stella McCartney The daughter of Beatles rock legend Paul McCartney and his late wife, Linda (both passionate animal rights activists), Stella McCartney launched her own fashion house under her name and showed her first collection in Paris in October 2001. A lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney does not use any leather or fur in her designs. Her company is committed to sustainability, as her website says, "We are responsible for the resources that we use and the impact that we have. We are always exploring new and innovative ways to become more sustainable."

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