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Pink Goes Green is happy to welcome guest blogger and Delta Zeta alumna, Sandra Annette Rogers, Alpha Gamma (University of Alabama), to the Pink Goes Green Blog. Sandra founded  Broke But Not for Long nonprofit organization, in April of 2009.  Sandra says, "The idea for our organization came about in January of 2009 as job hunting became more inclusive of veterans, persons with disabilities, and diversity, which is a good thing.

"As an educational specialist, I have experience looking at transitional goals and activities of students going into the workforce throughout the state of Florida.  After researching the job market and analyzing the data, I decided I could share various educational and job-related resources and initiatives with the veterans online.  In 2009, there weren't many job search engines that provided assistance to veterans, much less the disabled."

Sandra's organization helped veterans transition into civilian life by providing resources, information, technical assistance, career advice, inspiration and much more. Today her Wiki helps other populations with job hunting and information on how to stay afloat during times of economic downturn. Read more of Sandra's advice here: Social Employment Network e-newspaper

Thank you, Sandra, for being our guest blogger and for all you do to help others!

When I incorporated the nonprofit, BrokeButNotForLong, I wasn’t thinking about going green.  Instead, I was thinking about the low-cost possibilities of providing reliable job information on the Internet for the unemployed.  For around $300 a year,  our organization hosted our website on the Internet.  Of course, there are numerous volunteer hours that go into building the 18-page Web site, not to mention the ongoing maintenance.  Luckily, I recruited a few other volunteer bloggers.  By utilizing social media, we were able to be eco-friendly on the job everyday!

Besides the other legal costs involved in maintaining a non-profit, 501(c)3 charity, we existed as a virtual company with few expenses.  I didn’t realize that we were a green company until I started getting twitter followers from other green companies and university projects! For example, the University of Southern California followed us on Twitter, which has proved to be the most powerful outreach for our organization.  We networked with universities, federal agencies, and companies involved in human resources, and individuals in need of a job without the waste generally involved with advertising, transportation, or running an office.

Furthermore,  my husband and I practice green living at our home office.  For instance, we recycle the ink cartridges, buy recycled paper, and recycle used paper, too.  Also, our Internet host,, reduces its carbon footprint.  Furthermore, we’ve created online alliances to help promote our free resources.  We joined the local Chamber of Commerce which hosts our information on their site for potential networking and usage.  Also, we host the FDIC’s MoneySmart podcast on our Web site, which enhances our financial education outreach mission.  Additionally, we hope to advertise our resources on public radio which will reach a large audience  in an eco-friendly manner!

Lastly, I mentor job seekers online and over the phone to keep costs down and reach a larger audience.  I’ve blogged about the wonderful jobs I’ve had throughout my career. Since I started mentoring teachers online for my profession, I thought about doing the same for job seekers.  It started with a few questions from my connections on  I found that job seekers were so happy to get a response and interact with someone online!  You’re welcome to connect with me.  Here’s my public profile:

Technology has afforded us the opportunity to reach you, our reader, on this blog, as well as thousands of others!  Everyday I think about how I can use social media to provide outreach.  I hope we can connect with another nonprofit to help raise funds for a worthy goal that aligns with our mission on the Gulf Coast.   To that end, I created a profile of our charity on to encourage charitable giving and provide transparency. 


Sandra Annette Rogers