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Going Green in 2011

Starting off the New Year is all about second chances, a new beginning.  Sticking to those resolutions is crucial in order to make a change, and what could be more crucial than saving your environment?  Beginning 2011 with eco-friendly habits will reflect on your budget, your overall wellness and your world!

Some tips and tricks to keep in mind are:

-Purchase low-flow shower heads. By doing so, you will be saving water and not wasting several gallons.  Also, keep track of how long you shower.  Is a 45-60 minute shower necessary? Try reducing it to 10 minutes instead.

-When doing your laundry, make sure that you are putting in a full load rather than a few sweaters and a pair of pants. Wash the clothes in cold water with a non-toxic laundry soap and hang your clothes up to dry in the fresh air (or use an inside drying rack in the winter) rather than using a dryer.

-Get rid of plastic once and for all by switching over to re-usable products. Drink from a stainless steel water bottle and carry cloth bags to the grocery store.

-Go to your local library to read books rather than purchasing new ones. This will cut down on the paper and ink costs it takes to manufacture a book. Also, if you like the book you have read from the library, purchase a used edition of it, so that the book can have a good home, too. And check out e-readers and e-books—another way to save paper and binding.

-Get rid of paper towels and napkins; instead use wash cloths that can be washed and re-used several times. Soap and water does the trick every time. Rags made from old towels or old articles of clothing work just as well for dusting and cleaning, too.

-As always, Recycle Recycle, Recycle! This cannot be stressed enough. Take note of where you are throwing your soda cans and milk jugs. By doing so you will be saving the environment in the easiest of ways. Remember, it’s the small actions that add up to a big savings for our Earth.