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How Can a Home Aquarium be Eco-Friendly?
If you are a proud fish owner and have an aquarium, the next time you clean the tank, use the water to water your plants instead of throwing the water down the drain. By doing so you are not only saving water, but your plants are getting a nice nutrient boost that will actually help their growth cycle. The fish waste contains nutrients that act as a great fertilizer for potted or outdoor plants.

Avoid watering house plants with fish water if you've added any of these to the tank: aquarium salt (or any type of salt), any medication, or any chemicals, including pH adjusters or algae killers etc. The last two generally aren't safe for aquariums anyway. pH up is fine if you know exactly what you are doing, but pH down (acid) and algae ridding chemicals (pesticides) are generally more harmful than good, for both your fish and houseplants.

All plants require consistent watering, but all water is not created equal when it comes to plants. Some tap waters contain additional chemicals, like chlorine or water softeners that can harm plants. Distilled water has gone through a process that removes these extra minerals and chemicals so that it's pure. Some plants, however, need the added minerals found in tap water. You might also choose to water with a natural liquid fertilizer, like water that has been siphoned from a fish aquarium. This water will contain natural nutrition for your plants. 

Remember not to use aquarium water every time your plants need watering, use it only a couple times so that your plants get a chance to absorb all the nutrients as well as get their regular dosage of water. 

Imagine, if every fish owner did this, we would be saving thousands of gallons of drinking water! So be green and use the leftover water for your plants - they will thank you for it!

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