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Pink Goes Green welcomes guest blogger NATUCATE, an organization which offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences to broaden your horizons in an unforgettable and meaningful way through internships abroad and volunteering in nature and wildlife conservation.

Would you like to satisfy your wanderlust but at the same time do something good for our environment? Maybe the following will inspire you to pack your backpack and experience a new way of traveling.

Working in a volunteer project gives you the chance to experience something new while exploring a new culture and give something back to the country you are visiting.

Tourism does not often get along well with sustainable development. Thinking about mass tourism and its consequences to the environment due to a constantly rising number of Hotel buildings or improper waste management among others, it does occur to many people that traveling does not get along with a sustainable way of living.

Participating in a volunteer project might be the chance to link both, a sustainable way of living and your passion for travel. When you take part in a volunteer project you might not be able to see the whole country, but you will get a much deeper insight into the culture of a country, the way of living and become a member of the local team.

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NATUCATE will help you to realize your idea, assist you during the planning process and will be there for you while you travel. No matter if you are student or Best Ager, as long as you are willing to work physically and be part of a team you are more than welcome to take part in Outdoor-Experiences in the most beautiful regions of the earth. Participants will be able to combine their love of adventure and animals with travel pleasure. In this manner, NATUCATE sets value on the widening of the participant's personal horizon while he or she works intensively to protect the nature.
To give you an idea of the projects supported by NATUCATE we will introduce you to three representative projects in Thailand, Florida and on Hawaii.
In Thailand the project base is Koh Lanta, where the project tries to improve the situation for stray dogs and cats through an extensive sterilisation programme. The everyday work includes activities like feeding and washing the animals, playing with the animals or taking the dogs for walks on the beach.


On Florida's east coast, participants take part in an animal welfare project on a mustang rescue ranch. To ensure sustainability of the program, the ranch offers training courses and seminars all about mustangs and their care.

Another opportunity is conservation work on Maui, Hawaii. Apart from overall conservation of the coral reefs, the team's work also focuses on protecting the sea turtles. The extraordinary life history of these animals illustrates how interrelated the ecosystems above and below water are as well as how they deserve protection.

Furthermore, NATUCATE pays much attention to the sustainability of every project. Unserious captive-breeding projects are consciously disclaimed and - as the first German company - NATUCATE cooperates with the South African organisation CACH (Campaign Against Canned Hunting).

If you are interested in more details about the above mentioned projects or simply want to know more about NATUCATE's other offers, you will find further information on: | |
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