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Celebrate World Water Day on March 22!
March 22 is World Water Day. Here at Pink Goes Green, we've discussed the reasons to conserve water (Save the rainwater, help the planet! and Turn It Off - the Water, That Is!). World Water Day is "a day for water and water for sustainable development" ( #WaterIs. In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly designated 22 March as the first World Water Day.

For World Water Day, UN-Water identifies upcoming challenges and sets the theme. This year, the day looks at how water links to all areas we need to consider to create the future we want. The World Water Day website says, "Water is at the core of sustainable development. Water resources, and the range of services they provide, underpin poverty reduction, economic growth and environmental sustainability. From food and energy security to human and environmental health, water contributes to improvements in social well-being and inclusive growth, affecting the livelihoods of billions."

World Water Day demonstrates how integral water is to our lives and to the planet, highlighting key areas such as Equality, Food, Health, Nature, Urbanization, Industry and Energy on its site. While water itself is an infinite resource (water covers 71% of the Earth's surface), drinking water is a finite resource, as there is a relatively small quantity of water in reserve in the Earth (about 1% of our drinking water supply, which is replenished in aquifers around every 1 to 10 years). So finding ways to conserve water is crucial to our survival and that of our planet.

World Water Day is a one way to get the message out: Water is life, and it is our responsibility. The World Water Day website also features ways to celebrate the day and keep the message going, as well as links, materials and events to spread the word about water's essential part in our world. Join Pink Goes Green on March 22 to declare that #WaterIsForever!