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Water Bottles and the Environment

Water is the most precious substance on the planet.  It is everywhere, even inside of us.  The human body collectively is 75% water, while our bloodstreams are 90%.  It helps dissolve nutrients for ingestion and regulates our body’s temperature.  Water's necessity does not end with humans; in fact, water is a quintessential part of most living organisms.  There is more animal and plant life found in water than on land and in the air collectively, requiring water just as we do.  It hydrates us, it helps grow food to nurture us, provides a mean of transportation and is a home to many living things.  So much depends upon this extraordinarily versatile molecule.

Now that you understand the importance of H O, we must tackle a very important issue of which each and every one of us are guilty: bottled water.  Its popularity has skyrocketed and is seen almost everywhere you go.  It’s portable, it’s filtered and safe to drink, but it’s also a hazard to the environment.  People are “buying” gallons and gallons of water as well as bottles beyond bottles. 

A statistic shows that: "Each year, people are drinking 30 billion throwaway bottles of water.  If you put them end to end, it would go around the world more than 150 times." Source: ABC News

There is also another issue with these bottles: recycling. 

According to the Container Recycling Institute, more than 80% of those 30 billion containers end up in the trash rather than being recycled.  Even if you recycle, will it help?  Well that depends.  The bottles are made of plastic, which when stuffed into a landfill with no air movement, can take up to 1,000 years to decompose.  If, instead, the bottles are made from corn and plant extracts, it would take a shorter amount of time. 

In addition, the entire process of bottling, packaging and shipping of these bottles creates pollution and greenhouse gases! 

What can you do? 

Purchase a water filter, which will purify your tap water and make it just as safe to drink.  You don’t have to buy bottle after bottle to go with your Cobb salad on lunch break.  You won’t be doing the environment any favors.  Many stores offer safe water bottles free of chemicals that can leach into the water.  Read the Safe Water Bottle Review to find out more. Make your own bottled water, save money and save the environment!