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Sing a Song of Green

I love music—who doesn’t?  And recently, I’ve heard of some very cool ways the music industry is going green, which made me think: As a music consumer, how can I help?

The recent Grammy awards show went green by generating all power needed for the show from wind. Hybrid and flex fuel vehicles shuttled stars to the venue. Organic food was served at the celebration after-parties.

Bands who are touring on the road are reducing their carbon footprint with eco-friendly tours: stages are running on solar power, fans are encouraged to recycle their glass and plastic beverage bottles, bands use recyclable products, and t-shirts are made from organic cotton and printed with soy ink. Among the bands going green are John Mayer, Bon Jovi, Incubus, The Fray, The Beastie Boys , the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Avril Lavigne, and Jack Johnson. Artists are donating a portion of concert revenue to environmental organizations and efforts.

As music fans, we can carpool to concerts, download music instead of buying CDs, buy organic tees, recycle concert trash, ask venues to use recyclable products, or go to a green concert. Then, take the green mantra home with you: Live green, and tell your friends.