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What Happens to the Stuff I Recycle?

I always feel good after I drop my plastic, glass, and paper off at my local recycling center. But I’ve heard others say, “I don’t recycle because it just gets thrown in the land fill with everything else!” or that their local refuse company uses the guise of recycling to make extra money from its customers. But the truth is that recycling isn’t a money-maker for refuse companies; it actually costs more for them to recycle items than the return they receive on selling the recycled materials ( However, the more people recycle, the more economical it becomes for the companies who handle the recyclable product. And recycling creates 1.1 million jobs in the U.S.! (

But recycling is still voluntary throughout the U.S., although some companies have found ways to give their customers incentives to recycle. Still, many of us recognize that we are all consumers, and as such, we much act more responsibly about our purchases and disposal of those purchases.

It is important for us as consumers to choose our purchases wisely. The more we buy recycled products, the more demand we create, and consequently, more products will begin to be made from recycled content. If you can’t find recycled products, ask your retailers to stock them.

Did you know all of the items below (and more) use recycled content? And you’re not sacrificing quality for recycled items; the quality is just as high as those made from virgin materials.

Paper Towels


Concrete Blocks

Toilet Tissue

Wrapping paper


Facial Tissue

Garbage Cans

Garden Hoses


Landscaping Mulch

Floor Tiles

Notebook, Printer, Copier, and Writing Paper

Aluminum gutters, down spouts, and siding

Printer Ink Cartridges and Toner

File Folders




Building Materials


Cereal Boxes



Aluminum Cans


Bulletin Boards

Motor Oil



Plastic Lumber


Mouse Pads

Plastic bottles




So feel good about recycling the next time you do it! It makes a difference!