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Make Valentine's Day Green


You might not think about going green on Valentine’s Day, but there are lots of earth-friendly ways to tell the Earth “I love you” as well as your favorite Valentine.

Go Organic!

If you’re giving chocolates, there are many choices made from organically-grown cocoa beans that are healthy and don’t use pesticides. Try Endangered Species Chocolate, a company that works to increase awareness of species currently listed as threatened or endangered on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s Endangered Species List and inspires proactive conservation for animals. 

Organic flowers are another great way to show the Earth you love her. Organic flowers, too, contribute to the health of the earth, the floral workers who cultivate them, and you! A great place to start is Organic Bouquet.

Enjoy dinner out at an organic or local food-serving restaurant.

Save Trees!

Send e-cards this year instead of cards via snail mail, or create your own cards by recycling old Valentine's cards.

Donate to an Earth-friendly and Worthy Cause

If your sweetheart loves the Earth as much as you do, donate in his/her name to an environmental cause that you both believe in. This gift from the heart will never stop giving.

Even if you do only one of these things on Valentine’s Day, you’ll give the Earth a sweet surprise as well as your Valentine.

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