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Recycle Those Holiday Cards . . . and Other Green Ideas
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After Christmas, or any occasion, what do you do with all the beautiful holiday cards you receive? Do you pack them away? Do you throw them away?

Forget those ideas and recycle those used seasonal cards! Here are some ideas to get you started. Can you think of others?

Bookmarks - Create unique bookmarks with pictures cut from old greeting cards.
Gift Tags - Be prepared with fancy, home-made gift tags.
Greeting Cards - Transform old greeting cards into new ones!
Lacing Toy - Make fun lacing cards for the younger kids.
Ornaments - Trim your holiday tree with these simple ornaments.
Place Mats - These decorations can be made from a handful of old greeting cards.
Storage Box - Use decoupage techniques to create this fun box.

When it comes to recycling greeting cards, one of the simplest things to do is to cut the front picture off the old greeting card and use it as a postcard. Draw a line down the blank back, write a message on the left-hand side, and address it on the right-hand side.

Other Ideas
Simply cut the full front of your card, or, if desired, cut out the picture(s) on the card that you like.

Arrange them, collage style, and laminate according to directions for sheets of laminate. These can be used as holiday place mats or, if done in large quantity, as a table cover. You could also cut the collage into greeting card size rectangles and use as the front of a new, collage card.

Use old cards with lots of texture for your kids to do rubbings (lay paper over card, then rub crayon over top of paper to show design). This is an easy way for them to make their own cards if they are too little to draw or write.

Old cards, especially those with large pictures to cut out, can be used as tree decorations if you put a hole in the top and knot a piece or string or lace through the hole to hang on the tree, door handles, etc.
Place a cookie cutter on your Christmas card and trace around it. Next cut it out then using your glue stick paste it on the acid free paper. These really add pizzazz to scrapbook pages.

Do you have a creative way to re-use greeting cards? Share your ideas by e-mailing me at

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