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Have a Green Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is around the corner for some of us. If you are looking for ways to green it up this year, here are some quick green tips to make your Thanksgiving as eco-friendly as possible.

1. Turkey Compromise. The most obvious eco-solution is to not buy a turkey and just have a complete vegan meal, especially if you've heard all the recent news on the environmental impact of eating meat. See my blog about ways to eat green.

There are currently several brands of tofurkey on the public market, including Tofurky produced by Turtle Island Foods, Celebration Roast produced by the Field Roast Grain Meat Co., and the Stuffed Holiday Roast made by Match Foods.  Learn more about where to find tofurkey here.

2. Make the rest of your food organic. Local farmers markets are good places to look for organic fruits and veggies,   Look for organic in any boxed or canned items you may purchase, too. Remember to go online and search for organic coupons. This will help cut down the cost of your Thanksgiving feast.

3. Packaging. When you go to the store buy things that have the least amount of packaging and try to buy packaging that is environmentally friendly.

4. Don't cook so much. Yes, "it is better to have more than not enough," but is it really necessary to count three servings per person? Think about all the left overs you had last year and then cut down on that amount of servings if you are going to have the same amount of people over this year. There is plenty of food to stuff everyone and more. If you accidentally do make too much food or someone cancels, give the leftovers away to family and friends, or find a local charity, mission or soup kitchen that would accept the food.

5. Dinnerware and silverware. It's okay to use your good dishes or even your regular dishes for Thanksgiving. It is a celebration after all, but if the thought of washing so many dishes is terrifying, look into biodegradable or bamboo disposable dishes.

6. Beautiful weather outside. A lot of bodies in one house can make the place warm (depending on what part of the country you live in), so if it's cool outside, open up some windows to help the place cool down, instead of turning on the AC.

7. Decorations. Reuse your old decorations from last year in new way or just make some new ones. Use items from your back yard and fall fabric colors if you have any to make a nice centerpiece. As always, the Internet is a great resource for creative ideas. Any bought decorations should also be environmentally friendly, that includes flowers, plants and so on.

8. 100-Mile. Participate in the 100-Mile Thanksgiving challenge from TreeHugger. Submit your Thanksgiving recipes, and the TreeHugger staff and an all-star cast of judges will choose the best Thanksgiving menus based on creativity, taste, and general TreeHugger-ness.

9. Plant a tree. Winter season is a good time to plant trees and shrubs so take this time to plant a tree and keep the green growing.

10. Say Thanks, and give yourself peace of mind and make your holidays eco-friendly with these green Thanksgiving ideas.

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