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Is Your Pet Green?
Many of us are living the green life, but have you ever thought about helping your pets go green, too? After the frightening pet food recalls of last year, many pet owners started looking for natural and organic solutions for their pets, not only for food sources, but in all areas -- grooming, pet accessories and holistic veterninary medicine. The good news is that the green movement is providing green alternatives for our beloved pets, too.

Feeding your pet sustainably produced and organic foods, using green pet products, and keeping as much pet waste out of the landfill as possible are simple ways to green your pet's experience with the world.

The Sierra Club provides a great guide to choosing certified organic foods for our pets and deciphering those confusing ingredient labels. Read more here

The Green Guide offers tips on non-toxic alternatives to chemicals and poisons traditionally used to kill fleas and ticks.

Looking for the perfect pet toy that is safe and non-toxic?  Great Green Pet has recycled and eco-friendly pet products to keep your furry friends entertained and safe at the same time. They even feature scratching posts for cats made from recycled materials!

Holistic pet care has been around for years, but is really being embraced by pet owners who want to live green. WebVet is a site approved by vets from around the country who review and approve the site's content. You can learn everything from how to fight diseases with holistic medicine to how to incorporate massage, acupuncture and other non-traditional therapies into your pet's wellness plan.

And don't forget that the everyday items we use in our homes can be harmful to our pets. Read my blog on green cleaning products that you can make from ingredients you have in your kitchen right now.

You can find more great green pet ideas here. And please check out, a green advocacy group for the health and well-being of our pets.

With a little research and some simple lifestyle changes, you can bring your pet back to nature and help them enjoy a healthy and happy life.