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Have a Green Halloween
Usually the only thing that is green that we associate with Halloween is the color of the Frankenstein monster's skin, but did you know there are many eco-friendly ways to celebrate the ghoulish holiday this month?  Here are a few:
1. Since Halloween involves community…support yours.
Buy your organic pumpkin at a farmers market, or better yet, pick your own. Growing a pumpkin takes an awful lot of pesticide and pumpkins take up lots of space in landfills and release greenhouse gases as they decompose. Make full use of your entire pumpkin by roasting the seeds (yummy and very healthy), make a soup or pie, and compost the pumpkin when you're done.

2. Walk, do not drive. Stick to your neighborhood…talk to your neighbors and enjoy the crisp fall air. It's a bonus to get some exercise into your busy day.
3. Use a costume you already have in your possession, or borrow one.

4. If you do not have costumes already, make your own costume.
(and NO face paints - check all makeup at the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetics Safety Database!)  Remember dressing as a ballet dancer or hockey player? Easy.

Some costume ideas that are bright, easy and comfortable: a Whiteboard (all white clothing with a pen on a string around your neck and people can sign…now that is interactive!), a Compact Florescent Lightbulb (again, all white clothing with skinny white balloons in twisty shapes on your head), a Ghost (with an organic cotton sheet of course), a Jelly Fish (dressed in pink while opening and closing an umbrella).
5. Instead of turning on every light in your house, use old cans.(Eden Organic uses cans that are bpa-free for their non-acid foods by the way) and punch holes in them, fill them with organic soy or beeswax candles and see what you can create (all reusable year after year…just keep adding to your collection).
6. Treats are treats. Kids love treats. You love your kids. What to do? Every store has those colorful boxes lined up on shelves ready for us to buy (think of the resources wasted right there!). Try these: Glee Gum or Yummy Earth Lollipops  - natural + even nut-free! Or how about giving away pencils made from recyclable materials?
7. Of course, use a reusable bag. (you can always use a pillowcase too). And, if you do not yet have one, get a RuMe bag already! They are gorgeous, and it's a reusable bag that even a man will use, imagine that! There is a size for everyone in your family from mini to macro, they fold right up to tuck away into your purse, briefcase, glove compartment or drawer and you'll use them throughout the year.
8. Walk around with a solar charged, crank powered or shake and shine flashlight. A fabulous range of products powered by alternative energy that every household should have anyways in case of emergency (think solar energy powering your Blackberry and shortwave radio).
9. Beware of phantom power. It's sucking the life out of your bank account and the environment. You thought your electronics were all off at home? They are not really off, they're just on stand-by. Exorcism procedure: Unplug stuff! (or use a power strip/bar and shut it down completely).

10. Reduce everything, reuse as much as possible and recycle the balance (which is, hopefully not much).
So, be scary, but don't spook our cherished kids and precious planet. A happy, healthy and safe Halloweening to you all.

Source:  Low Impact Living, by Jessica Jensen

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