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More Great Ways to Go Green

Reducing Your Lifelong Pile of Paper
Paper goes in and out of our lives without us realizing just how much we consume. Here are some tree-saving tips to help reduce paper waste:

- Avoid using paper napkins in restaurants and paper plates at home.

- Pick and choose what you need to print and use both sides of the paper when you print.

- Make sure all paper you buy, from toilet paper to computer paper, is from recycled sources.

- Reuse paper bags and shred receipts and bills and compost them.

- Share magazines between yourself and friends and send any unwanted catalogs back to the sender.

- Reuse envelopes and make your own cards.

- Never check off a box that asks if you want "more information"; it's an invitation for junk mail.

- If your office doesn't already use recycled paper, ask the person in charge of office supplies to make the switch.  And participate in or implement a recycling program at your office, too! 


Reusable Shopping Bags--the Only Way to Go!
Sandra Passerini Champion Lambda Nu '90  has sent us a great tip on some unique reusable shopping bags.  She writes, "One of the best products I have found are Environsax.  For about $35.00, you get 5 brightly colored bags that roll up very small and fit in their own pouch!  For those who carry large purses, they fit great! When you unroll a bag, it will hold about two plastic bags' worth of groceries, and with the large handle you can put it over your shoulder, thus less trips into the house!  I get complements all the time!  One caution … the grocery clerks like to over-fill the bags! I feel great when I get home from shopping and I do not have a zillion plastic bags to deal with.  I just roll them back up and they are ready for the next trip."
You can visit Envirosax at .  Thanks, Sandie, for this great tip!  If you have a tip or trick to help us go green, please contact me at .  I'd love to hear how you can help all of us go and stay green, and we'll post it to the blog!

Healthy "Green" Recipes
Do you have a great organic, vegetarian, or vegan recipe you'd like to share?  We're looking for healthy green recipes to post to the blog, so please e-mail your favorites to me at and look for your recipe soon on The Green Blog!