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Green Father's Day Ideas

Keep your green on Father's Day with these earth-friendly gift ideas.

Plant It:  Does Dad have a green thumb, or a dreary looking office space? Consider giving him a plant that he can look at every day and think of you. If you already have a plant, look into dividing it and giving him part of it.
Win a Gift: Check out the Green Father's Day Give Away from greenUPGRADER & Green Air Radio where you can win great green prizes for Dad, including a cordless electric power mower and stainless steel water bottles.

Recycle:  Give new life to your father's old things (it's best to ask your dad which items he considers in need of a refresh before you attempt any drastic revamping projects). Recover a tattered chair, send an outdated tie to Replayground, or try making your own recycled necktie cell phone holder.

Save energy:  If your dad loves to have the latest gadget, shop for eco-friendly innovations like a solar powered motion sensing outdoor light, or a wind/solar powered cell phone charger.

Something green to put his green in: Hempy's wallets
Contrary to what your father says, duct tape is not meant to repair anything under the sun and that includes the wallet that's falling apart and would be held together on hope alone were it not for the unsightly silver strands holding it together. Time for a new wallet perhaps? There's no better time than Father's Day to give one to the dad who likes a practical gift he can get everyday use out of.

Hempy's is a self-described eco-technology brand that has an entire line of eco-friendly wallets in a variety of styles.

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Have a fun and green Father's Day this year!