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Save Money on Gas while Saving the Environment!
As gas prices near $4 per gallon or more, there has never been a better time to save your pocket book as well as the environment. There are many easy ways you can reduce your gas consumption, keep cash in your pocket, and be more environmentally responsible.

- Use public transportation. Ride the bus, take the metro, ride your bike, or even walk!

- Carpool.  There is even a site that helps you find people to share with -

- Telecommute. Could you work from home today? If you have lots of e-mails and conference calls, consider doing them from home.

- Combine errands and walk between stops. Can you go to the grocery store and the post office in one trip rather than two? Can you walk from the drug store to the tailor without re-parking?

- Slow down. If you are driving, remember the faster you go the faster you burn fuel. Rapid acceleration is a big gas-burner too.  Use cruise control when you can on the highway.

- Keep your tires well-inflated. Inflated tires help you get better gas mileage. It's good to check your tires at least once per month.

- Keep it light. Remove any un-needed weight from the car. Your fuel efficiency is highest when your vehicle is light and aerodynamic. Also remove any car racks you're not using as they create drag.

- Keep your car tuned up and change your air filter frequently.

- Try to park in the shade. Gasoline evaporates out of your tank, and sitting in the hot sun speeds up that process. Parking in the shade also keeps it cooler inside, and you will need less A/C to cool off when you get back in.

- Buy a low- or no-emissions vehicle. A hybrid can be a good option, or you can get a diesel and then use bio-diesel fuel.  There are also tax deductions when you purchase an energy-efficient vehicle such as a hybrid.  To learn more about hybrids, click here. To learn more about biodiesel, click here.

- Or what about a motorcycle or a scooter instead of a car? These two-wheel options are much cheaper than cars and they often get 70 mpg or better. You'll save a ton of money over a car! Check out some cool motos and scooters here.


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