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What's Your Favorite Celebrity Doing to Go Green?

Celebrities were among the first to embrace the green movement. And because of their high profiles, they've made many people aware of environmental issues that the general public otherwise wouldn't have known existed.

No doubt some of your favorite celebs are among the ones going green for the good of the planet:

  • Leonardo DiCaprio has driven hybrid cars since their inception, is a vegan, and produced The 11th Hour, an eco-documentary about human impact on the environment.
  • Brad Pitt is building eco-friendly housing in New Orleans to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina get their lives back.
  • Thomas Dolby (of the 1980s' "She Blinded Me with Science" fame) is producing his next recording using only wind and solar power.
  • Hayden Panetierre supports, encouraging young people to vote, and took a very public stance against Japan's slaughter of dolphins, protesting by going out into the waters to try and save the animals herself.
  • Rikki Rockett, the drummer of the rock band Poison, is an animal rights activist and outspoken vegan.
  • Miley Cyrus is a vocal vegetarian and is designing a new eco-friendly clothing line.
  • Selma Hayek actively supports all environmental causes, such as Earth Day, Greenpeace, and the impact of global warming.
  • Stella McCartney, world-famous fashion designer, is a lifelong vegetarian and creates cruelty-free fashions by not using any leather or fur in her designs.
  • Jon Bon Jovi, the first founding ambassador of the Habitat for Humanity Ambassadors Program, rebuilds communities in Philadelphia and New Orleans and has teamed with NativeEnergy to reduce the carbon footprint of his current world tour.
  • Harrison Ford, of Indiana Jones fame, actively campaigns to save the rainforests, and has recently done a PSA for Wild Aid to .make the public aware of the illegal animal trade and how that practice endangers species around the world.

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