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Celebrate Mother's Day with Mother Earth

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This Mother's Day, why not celebrate your mom as well as Mother Earth? Here are some truly unique green activities and gift ideas for Mom's special day.

Give Mom the Spa Treatment
Spa Index offers a list of eco-friendly spas for an afternoon of socially responsible pampering. Visit Spa Index's website at here.

Treat Mom to Breakfast in Bed (or Brunch at Home)
You may not be there right when Mom wakes up to bring her a tray of chocolate chip pancakes and a hand-colored card (like when you were a kid), so invite the family over for brunch to celebrate and honor your favorite lady. Seek out organic, natural ingredients and shop for fresh items at your local farmer’s market to keep the meal low on the carbon scale and high on deliciousness.

Help Mom Start an Herb Garden

The start of spring is the perfect time to get Mom’s garden off to a healthy start. Gather all the materials you need for a DIY herb garden (click here for ways to create your own) and pick out your mom’s favorite varieties, depending on whether she likes to top her pizza with fresh basil, add mint to her tea, or garnish a margarita with cilantro!

Say It With Flowers
Organic flowers are a great way to tell Mom you love her. Organic flowers, too, contribute to the health of the Earth, the floral workers who cultivate them, and you! A great place to start is Organic Bouquet.

Paper that Grows Plants!
Monogrammed stationery is one gift that will not go to waste. Cast Paper Art makes customized note cards on 100% recycled cotton fiber using a centuries-old technique. Each card contains a blank writing insert and a matching envelope. Another great product is seed paper that can be planted later to grow real wildflowers! Select your mom's favorite color or some seeded year-round paper ornaments and she will not forget to thank you this Mother's Day.

Sustainable Scarves
A hand-woven bamboo scarf makes a classic Mother's Day gift sustainable. Etsy has a selection of beautifully textured, handmade bamboo scarves that are soft to the touch and drape beautifully. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable, biodegradable, pesticide-free material that is naturally antibacterial, so garments stay odor free for longer. Your mom will enjoy trying out the great new green material.

May is a great time of the year in most places of the country to enjoy nature with your mom. Take a walk, hike, picnic, watch a sunset or the night sky, and tell Mom you are grateful that she gave you an appreciation of the beauty of the Earth and the nature around you. That is the best gift any mom can receive!