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Look at What Delta Zetas are Doing to Go Green!

Pink Goes Green is taking off!  Here is what some of our collegiate chapters are doing to go green:
Ellen Waldhart, President of the Epsilon Omega Chapter (University of Wisconsin/Eau Claire) worked at an internship for the Student Conservation Association at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, promoting the importance of preserving our nation's natural resources.

Members of the Gamma Alpha Chapter (Baldwin-Wallace College) participated in an audit of their campus' food services to help their cafeterias go green. The group eliminated much of the use of plastic silverware and Styrofoam containers, which were replaced with real silverware and containers made from recycled materials.

Katie Roy, a member of the Pi Beta Chapter (University of Hartford), wrote a paper on using green architecture to rebuild structures damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Her paper was selected by the Roosevelt Institution and Katie was flown to New Orleans to present her paper at a disaster relief conference.

Liz Bokermann, a member of the Delta Sigma Chapter (Truman State University), participates in a program called Environmental Buddies, which teaches children about recycling. The volunteers take the children recycling, help them pick up trash on their playgrounds, and show them various ways to reuse certain items.

The Alpha Gamma Chapter (University of Alabama) was the first sorority on their campus to create and participate in a going green recycling program. Their success inspired other Greek organizations on campus to follow their pilot program.

Delta Zeta alumnae are just as active in their communities.  Learn more about what they are doing to care for our planet:
Delaware Area Alumnae Chapter member and Great Lakes Area Public Relations Chairman Denise Sabo Brenner, Alpha Rho '97, leads a neighborhood group to help preserve a ravine in their area. They also pick up litter and recently put in a rain garden to help with storm water run off.

Upstate and Spartanburg Alumnae Chapter members are actively involved in trying to make others aware of what is happening to our environment.

Veronica Brown, Omicron Mu '99, and Carrie Brown, Omicron Mu '99, Spartanburg Alumnae Chapter President, have successfully helped many people in their community to begin recycling. Veronica is also involved with trying to raise awareness about global warming and the effects it has had on the polar ice caps and the polar bears.

Joan Patterson, Gamma Tau '97, of the Kent Alumnae Chapter, has found ways to locally recycle in her neighborhood, and partners with a friend 50 miles away to recycle items her community recycling station does not accept.

Jennifer Went, Lambda Theta '02, of the Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter works for the Environmental Protection Agency on a program called the National Clean Diesel Campaign.  The focus of her work is to help reduce emissions from heavy polluting diesel engines. Her office, in collaboration with Scholastics, helped to publish the first Magic School Bus book in over 10 years!  The Magic School Bus is about a teacher and her class that take on "magical" fieldtrips where they learn how innovation and science can make the world better. Jennifer has also designed an online calculator that gives users an idea of what kind of emissions their diesel engine emits and allows them to apply different technologies to reduce the emission.

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