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Moms Can Go Green, Too!
Yes, that's right.  There are lots of easy ways moms can help protect the planet too.  
Around the time my son was born I began using all-natural cleaning products in my home because I didn't want my child ingesting harmful toxins from chemical cleaners.   Once solids were introduced, I fed him only organic foods because I wanted to minimize the amount of pesticides in his diet.  I also use chemical-free laundry detergent to wash my son's clothes.  I must admit that I was focused on doing these things for my son's safety at first.  But now I realize the importance of improving the environment and there are so many ways moms can help.

Check out for more tips on protecting the planet.  This is a great website dedicated to encourage all parents to do what they can to improve our planet. 

From purchasing a hybrid car, to using eco-friendly diapers, is a great resource for all parents.

Dawn Gettinger Graustein, Iota Xi '01 (University of St. Louis/Missouri) contributed the above as a guest blogger.  Thanks, Dawn!

Kelley Hunter adds:  Another great resource for moms is EcoMoms, where moms are urged to "Sustain Your Home, Sustain Your Planet, Sustain Yourself,” placing an emphasis on the importance of the mother’s mental, physical and spiritual well-being through the programs and information they offer.