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Think Green on St. Patrick's Day!

Since today is St. Patrick's Day, and everyone is thinking green anyway, I did a little research to find out where Ireland and other countries rank in terms of eco-friendliness.

According to a Reader's Digest survey, the top 25 eco-friendly countries are:
 1. Finland
 2. Iceland
 3. Norway
 4. Sweden
 5. Austria
 6. Switzerland
 7. Ireland
 8. Australia
 9. Uruguay
10. Denmark
11. Canada
12. Japan
13. Israel
14. Italy
15. Slovenia
16. France
17. Netherlands
18. Portugal
19. New Zealand
20. Greece
21. Germany
22. Latvia
23. United States
24. Lithuania
25. United Kingdom

The survey was carried out by American environmental economist Matthew Kahn based on statistics from the UN 2006 Human Development Index and the 2005 Environmental Sustainability Index. You can read the article about the survey here.

A country's green credentials were based on a variety of factors including education and income which gave an indication of how desirable they were to live in. Ireland is seventh on the list, so this country is taking green seriously. Disappointingly, the U.S. ranks 23rd on this list. 

The survey concluded that "an engaged, educated public" was a powerful antidote to environmental destruction. The survey points out that the more affluent countries, while contributing to a larger carbon footprint, are better educated on what can be done to help the environment and are in a better position to make a change. That's a charge that all of us should take on!

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Happy St. Patty's Day, and keep thinking green!