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Green Fitness
Did you know there are some great ways to make your fitness routine green? We all know how exercise is good for us. It's even better if we can make the Earth more fit, too!

Skip the gym and go outside.

I know I'm telling you to get fit, but skip the gym?  Yes! You'll save gas by not driving to go work out. Instead, step outside-ride a bike, take a walk, a run, feel the terrain under your feet in a park or nearby woods. Moreover, an outdoor fitness routine strengthens your connection with nature, and it's as good for the mind as it is the body.

If you do go to the gym, take your reusable water bottle and wear organic clothing. Ask your gym if they can program machines and televisions to turn off when not in use. Do they use earth-friendly cleaning products? Do they use water-conserving shower heads?

Green Living Ideas provides these tips for greening your fitness routine:

Commute!  Get your daily RDA aerobic exercise by riding your bike or walking to work. Keep a change of clothes, towel, and toiletries at work to make commuting easy.

Eat organic energy bars, fresh fruit, and juices to fuel up before or during your workout. Make your own energy bars and save on packaging. Most standard energy bars are made from ingredients you can find at the grocery store.

Start a garden. Planting, weeding, and tending plants builds in some low-impact exercise. Pruning trees and pulling weeds can have as much benefit as a dumb-bell routine.

Take a trip to the countryside, national park or local farm instead of the gym and go for a hike.

Wear organic clothing for exercise activities. Shop for animal- and eco-friendly clothing and running shoes.  Do not buy leather and research whether or not the manufacture of your running shoes has contributed to environmental damage.  Research non-petroleum based materials. Wear cotton or hemp clothing whenever possible.

Help your community get fit, too!  Join or start a group to clean up local spaces. Start or find a community garden. Join an environmental group and volunteer for outdoor service projects that help the environment.

Getting fit and staying fit isn't just for humans. Help the planet get healthy, too!