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Make Your Own Beauty Products
A woman’s beauty is a timeless. To enhance our outer beauty, most women use cosmetics. It sounds simple enough, but sometimes makeup is a lot of work. The convenience of today’s modern world is almost too convenient.  Drugstore prices are irresistible for bargain shoppers, especially when it comes to beauty products. Some chemicals in beauty products can be too harsh for the average user, especially for those who have sensitive skin. But did you know that you can make your own makeup? That is where “green” beauty products are concerned.

The beauty of making your own beauty products is not only do you know what is in them, but it is also fun to play with color, scents and consistencies based on your own personal preferences. Unlike the topical list of chemical ingredients that are a mile long, you can be sure that your products will be safe and environmentally-friendly when you know what goes into them!
Where to start? Your local grocery store! If you would like to learn how to make your own lip-balm, mask, toner, powder, and moisturizer/eye-makeup remover, read on!

-Lip-balm is surprisingly easy to make. What you need is a base, which is beeswax. You can find pre-cut pellets of beeswax at your local grocery store, farmer’s market, or even a local beekeeper. Then you will also need to find a soft oil of your choice: rose, vanilla, peppermint, cocoanut, etc. Then last but not least, you will also need vitamin E for moisturizing benefits, this you can buy in the tiny capsules in the vitamin section of the grocery store. Put a small amount of beeswax in a microwave-safe bowl and combine it with a few drops of the oil and the vitamin E. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the consistency. The result should be completely melted until the mixture is liquid. Pour into a container of your choice and let it sit to harden into a solid paste. And voila! You now have your very own lip balm!

-There are several types of masks for different skin types: Oily, combination, sensitive, acne-prone, etc. One mask that is great when you are stressed and want to give your skin a breather is the green-tea grape mask! Boil up some green tea (you only need a spoonful), so you can drink the rest and take in some of those delicious antioxidants! Then you will need approximately three FRESH green grapes. Cut them into halves and squeeze out the juice into a cup, collecting only the juice. Add the spoonful of green tea to the juice and stir. If you are having acne problems or would like to prevent a blemish, add a teaspoon of baking soda. Rub this mixture onto clean skin with your fingers or a cotton pad. Then let it air dry for about 5-10 minutes and relax. This mask has anti-aging properties and will actually firm and tone your skin with repetitive use, giving your skin a naturally healthy glow.

-Use the green tea mentioned before as a toner after you wash your face. Green tea is incredibly healthy for you and is a great way to let your skin absorb antioxidants and free your skin of harsh chemicals and free-radicals since it’s an astringent. Using a toner will not only moisturize your skin, but it will also help you in the long run for fight aging!

-Got oily skin halfway through the day? Apply cornstarch to your face with a clean makeup brush. It will give you a matte finish and aids in keeping the oil at bay for hours! It is a healthy replacement for a mineral finishing dust.

-Last but not least, the holy grail of makeup products is olive Oil. It is the most amazing substitute for a night-time moisturizer and makeup remover. With one swipe, it will remove all your makeup, including foundation, eyeliner and mascara. Do not be afraid of the word “oil”, especially if you have oily skin. The molecules in olive oil are actually too large to penetrate your pores, and therefore will not clog them. Instead, it acts as a smoothing agent and moisturizes the skin. If you leave on a tiny amount all night, you will wake up to baby-smooth skin! It’s amazing how well this stuff works. Just be sure to not slather it on. Just a tiny bit will go a long way, trust me.

Enjoy your newly found tips and tricks! Experiment, have fun, and as always stay GREEN!