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I Have The Power!
You have the power -- more importantly, solar power. It is steadily becoming one of the most popular and efficient ways of becoming green. The two most obvious benefits of solar power are the fact the sun shines nearly every day for free, and that solar power panels generate zero CO2 emissions which is a huge plus for the atmosphere. Several benefits to choosing solar power are:

• Solar power is a renewable resource. This means that we are not in danger of depleting its reserves. Though it may disappear behind clouds momentarily and is unavailable at night, it generally returns in full force the next day.
• Solar power is non-polluting. Unlike oil, solar power usage does not emit any greenhouse gases, nor does the acquisition of it harm ecosystems through spills or dredging. This is probably one of the primary advantages of solar power.
• The energy and heat from the sun is free. Once solar panels or solar thermal collectors are set up, there are no electrical expenses necessary to power them.
• Solar cells require very little maintenance, mainly because there are no moving parts that must be maintained.
• Solar cells can last a lifetime.
• Solar power is incredibly versatile. A variety of inventions may be powered by it, including cars, water heaters, fountains, buildings, and satellites.
• In remote locations, solar power may be a more realistic energy option than running large lengths of electrical wires to connect to a grid.

There are so many options available when it comes to solar power.  You can choose how little or how much you wish to renovate.  A watt costs between $8 to $12, whereas a robust solar electrical system costs about $20,000.  You can spend as little or as much as you feel comfortable with when it comes to solar power.  It’s a combination of three things: comfort levels, how much you feel you want to benefit the planet, as well as how much you want to save each month on your electric bills.  By installing something like solar panels, they will start saving a lot of money right away and will in fact reduce the initial cost.  The same can be said for thermal water heaters and wind power.  One of the best ways to begin your solar power journey is by taking a look at all your options.  Do some exploring online and see what you like in terms of solar energy and how it can become a part of your lifestyle.