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Green Opportunities for Greeks
Guest blogger Alessa Aguayo, Pi Zeta (Arizona State University), is an undergraduate senior majoring in Justice Studies, with a minor in Communications. Alessa writes the ASU Green College Student Blog and is actively interested in sustainability. She plans to attend law school in the fall of 2010. She has also blogged about Delta Zeta's green initiative, Pink Goes Green.  Check out Alessa's green blog.


The Greek community often gets a bad rap but, contrary to popular belief, we do not haze and we do not live like Animal House. Sororities and fraternities are philanthropically minded, strive for high academic standards, educate members on self defense, provide networking opportunities and create a support system for students away at college -- but we also have fun while doing it! Being Greek has provided me many opportunities I may not have had otherwise -- one of which would be writing a recycling program for fraternity and sorority houses.

If you recycled our aluminum cans and exchanged them a recycling site, you could use the funds to spruce up the house or donate it to your philanthropy. Think about how many people live in your sorority and fraternity house then think about how many cans they use. You are throwing money away! Below is a draft of a recycling proposal to give to your president, chapter advisers and alumnae.

Can Recycling Program
To improve the (your Greek organization here)'s relationship with the community and increase dedication to improving the environment

As a strong advocate of going green initiatives, I propose that the (your Greek organization here) begins to recycle cans.

The plan is to collect and recycle all cans used at (housing unit here). All cans will be crushed and placed into recycling bins placed around the complex. Once bins are full, they will be taken to a metal recycling center and exchanged for 30 cents per pound of aluminum. One pound of aluminum is approximately 30 to 32 cans, depending on beverage.

Profits from recycling these cans will go back to the (your Greek organization here), for either chapter use or philanthropic interest. In addition to increased funding, the members of (your Greek organization here) will be making a positive image in the (university/college name here) community through recycling.

I have researched numerous locations for can recycling and have also volunteered to drop off the cans personally. I am currently working with a few companies that can provide recycling bins for the program.

I encourage our chapter accepts participation in the Can Recycling Program. This program will put us on the cutting edge of going green, strengthen community relations, funding and improve our environment. I believe this program will not only better the (your Greek organization here) relationship with the community but also help the environment.

(Your name here)

This is a sample draft proposal that you can present to your chapter after researching local can recycling sites. Please note, if you are in another state, the exchange value for cans may be different. Some counties in New York exchange up to 10 cents a can! So stop throwing away money. Every bit adds up and every can you recycle will help our environment!

If you would like to obtain a formatted version of the Can Recycling Program or have any questions please e-mail me at and I would be happy to provide it to you.

To find recycling sites near you, please visit Earth911 then type in "aluminum cans" and your zip code.