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Are you cooking green?
One of the most unique things that you can do to help save the Earth is by cooking. How? Cooking meals at home is a great way to keep the environment green. Processed food, whether you are eating fast food or buying ready-made food to microwave at home, requires a lot of energy. It must be transported to a factory, processed to some extent in a factory (electricity, packaging, etc.), then shipped long distances nationally or internationally, which uses more energy. In addition, processed food is packaged (cellophane, Styrofoam, etc.), which creates waste.

Here are some tips on cooking green:

- Cook your meals with environmentally-friendly pots and pans; namely copper, glass, aluminum, and cast iron.  They are long-lasting and cut down on the energy you use in your kitchen as well as prevent harsh chemicals from touching your food. 

- Opt for self-cleaning conventional ovens as well as gas stoves.  These beautiful pieces of technology are eco-efficient and cook food faster. 

-  Resist the urge to peek into your oven.  This causes the temperature to drop and food takes longer to cook.

- Always cover your pots and pans with a lid to retain more heat.

- Keep your stovetop and oven racks clean for proper airflow and heat retention.

- Plan your menu for the week and plan to use leftovers!  Don't cook a meal for just one or two servings; make meals that will last you through the week, reducing the price of groceries and the times you have to cook overall.

- When it comes to leftovers, re-heat them in a toaster oven or the microwave rather than firing up the grill or the oven. 

- Buy local. Frequent farmers markets or local produce stands to support your community and eliminate the cost and energy used to transport food to a grocery or superstore. You can often find organic produce at these locations, too, which is healthier for you and the environment!