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After Earth Day: Now What?

After Earth Day, I read an article about first graders in an elementary school in Ontario, Canada, entitled, "What Earth Day Means to a First Grader." Among the responses were these from the schoolchildren, who were encouraged to write letters to Mother Earth:

"Dear Mother Earth,
I am wring because I dot wont the anmos (animals) to die. If people kot all the chres (trees) down the burds wot have a home…Love, Tara."

"I will clean all the garbeg and put receycling in the right spot. The Earth will get durty if the people won't put the garbeg in the right spot. Love, Ohm."

"Everyone on the whole earth - the animals and the trees and the plants - are brothers and sisters. Lucas."

"We're all one big family. Vanessa."
Delta Zetas know the value of family and preserving the environment we live in so all of us (including the trees and the animals, to paraphrase the first graders) will thrive.  I was thrilled to see the response to Earth Day by all of our members and friends on April 22 via our social media channels. You can read the continuing story of how Delta Zeta is enriching the Earth here at the Pink Goes Green blog. And check out our Pink Goes Green Pinterest page for great ideas and tips for going green not only on Earth Day, but every day of the year!. 

Delta Zeta members embraced the opportunity to enrich the Earth and the lives of others by participating in Earth Day events, spearheading environmental initiatives on their campuses and in their communities. You will find their stories right here on Pink Goes Green -- every day, not just on Earth Day.
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