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About Delta Zeta
Delta Zeta Sorority members have always been citizens who are concerned for and care about their communities and the people in those communities, as evidenced from the philanthropic work begun by our Founders that carries into the many philanthropic and charitable programs the Sorority supports today. In addition, many of these members are leaders on their campuses, in their communities and in the United States.

With worldwide concern for the state of the environment, an increasing percentage of individuals feel the need to help, but many do not know how or what they can do. Delta Zeta members are working at the grassroots level to improve the environment, educate the public on what they can do and help them do it, and empower those they impact with the knowledge that just one person can make a difference to protect the environment and enrich our planet.

Delta Zeta Sorority was founded in 1902, is located on 158 collegiate campuses, and offers continued association through 250 alumnae chapters located in 50 states, as well as the United Kingdom and Canada. For more information visit www.deltazeta.org.